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This is not your destruction.                
                                                    This is your birth.

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tvd meme ♔ [2/5] colours
↳ yellow

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Dear diary, I`m not a believer. People are born, they grow old and then they die. That`s the world we live in, but how can I deny what`s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old, never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can`t be explained, girls bitten and bodies drained of blood.

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the vampire diaries + colours

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Dear Diary, I was wrong. I thought that I could smile and nod my way through it, pretend like it would all be okay. I had a plan, I wanted to change who I was, create a life with someone new, without the past, without the pain, someone alive. But it’s not that easy. The bad things stay with you, they follow you, you can’t escape them- as much as you want to. All you can do is be ready for the good, so when it comes, you invite it in. Because you need it. I need it.

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caroline  forbes,  my  b e s t  f r i e n d

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