We’re s i s t e r s.

Always have, always will

I don’t exactly make you feel like you’ve known me forever even though we just met. When I laugh, you may not smile just at the coquettish sound of it. I may not be spontaneous or delightful or full of surprises, and my hair may not sparkle when it catches the light…


Get To Know Me (meme): 

Favorite TV Shows: (1/5) Gossip Girl 

 ” Maybe it’s not blood bonds that make us a family. Perhaps it’s the people that know us and love us anyway.

gossip girl blogs please like this!

it’s for a rec list of gg blogs :)

Gossip Girl Meme - 10 Events / Parties

White Party

Blair Waldorf 1x06 The Handmaiden’s Tale 

Blair & Serena || Season 1